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Owatrol Dilunett

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Solvent Free Paint Remover

Dilunett Gel will remove any oil and alkyd-based paint, varnish or wood stain.


  • Does not contain solvent or paraffin – non flammable.
  • Strips waxes, varnish, paint and most anti-fouling paint.
  • Coating becomes soluble with water (rinse with water).
  • Strips up to 8 coats of paint in 1 application.
  • Easy to apply, even on the most difficult surfaces to strip i.e. ornate or elaborate.
  • Does not evaporate – will not dry.
  • Works alone – does not require supervision or immediate removal of the softened paint.

Where to use

  • Use on wood (Except Oak, Chestnut, Parquet and Veneer), metal (except Aluminum), plastic, stone, cement.
  • Ideal for surfaces difficult to strip or very ornate, horizontal and vertical – doors, gates, barriers.
  • Recommended for stripping large areas – non-flammable, does not dry out, remains active a long time.
  • Does not attack plastics, rubber, synthetic coating or gel coats (GRP).

Recommendations before application

  • Always test a small area first.
  • Wear protective gloves – rubber, nitrile. Use nylon/synthetic brushes.
  • Working time for stripping the finish varies from minutes to hours depending on the type of finish being removed (oil-based or water-based) and number of coats. Occasionally check the stripping action, to establish when full removal of the finish(s) can be performed.
  • Always neutralise surface with Net-Trol after stripping.


  • Apply a thick layer of Dilunett to surface to be stripped.
  • Allow to stand.
  • If Dilunett starts to dry, apply a fine mist of water to keep active.
  • Scrub surface with stiff nylon brush and rinse with water using the highest pressure source available or use a pressure washer (max. 60 bar).
  • Using hot water makes stripping easier.
  • After stripping wood, always neutralise with Net-Trol, immediately after rinsing the Dilunett.
  • Refer to packaging for full instructions.
  • Using hot water makes stripping easier

Coverage: 4 m²/l
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Working time: 5 m to 12 h.