The highest quality hardwood timber cladding is from our Exterpark Range. It has been carefully selected to enhance your project guaranteeing exclusivity and durability.

This wood cladding is the strongest and most durable available, it can be treated with exterior timber oil or left naturally to silver over time. A perfect choice for architects and designers requiring a high end finish to their projects.

All at incredible price, solid hardwood cladding at softwood prices, contact us now to find out how we can supply your project more efficiently than any other supplier

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Charred Timber Cladding

For more of a statement piece, you may consider our range of charred timbers…

Our charred timber cladding, Shou Sugi Ban®, is an application from the ancient Japanese art of burning timber. Doing this provides a long-lasting, beautiful and unique cladding finish. Our charred timber cladding is exclusively manufactured in the UK by our wonderful team of skilled craftsmen.  The process of manufacturing is one of detail, accuracy and danger – a technique that we have perfected over 10 years.

We use traditional techniques to offer your project a total uniqueness. We can provide a variety of textures and finishes regardless if your project is for interior or exterior use. Whether the look you are after is a contemporary and sleek finish, or a highly charred and fragile look, we can cater to your needs.

All our Shou Sugi Ban® is produced to order – We supply bespoke and all standard profiles in all dimensions and from a variety of timber species. We can supply conventional cladding fixing systems or you can opt for our own invisible fixing system.

Alternative Cladding Options

Not only can we offer the charred timber cladding, we can also supply untreated, natural wood for your cladding project – please do get in touch with us if you would like to get further information about all the different timbers we offer.

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