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Exterior Decking is a leading supplier for residential and commercial projects in the UK specialising in Exterpark and Millboard Decking.

Exterior Decking offers a range of professional products that provide solutions for your decking projects. Relied upon by contractors, installers, architects, and designers to supply their project the right decking every time. We hold the largest range of hardwood and composite decking in the UK. Why not check out #CPDTuesday

Exterior Decking is the hub for decking supply in the UK, so when choosing your decking product we can provide free educated advice to assist all areas of your project. This can often save you time and money whilst keeping the expectations of the client where they should be.

What is the Exterpark Magnet system?

The Exterpark Magnet system is an innovative and screwless decking system with an advanced mechanical locking system holding boards stronger than a screw but yet flexible. It uses a strong plastic clip which is used to install the deck onto the joists without the use of screws, meaning that using a magnet tool you can open or close any board at any time in seconds if necessary – meaning full access to the surface below the deck.

The Magnet system comprises 6 elements:

  • A special groove underneath each board to attach the clips
  • Aluminium joists for the magnet clip to click inside
  • Spacers between boards to leave an invisible 4mm expansion and drainage gap
  • Blocking units to keep all boards in place and prevent longitudinal movement
  • Levelling instruments such as pedestals and wedges
  • The Magnet Clip

The Magnet Clip is the cornerstone of the system, made from POM, a high performance engineering thermoplastic, which gives strength with flexibility. It enables the deck to be installed without screws making it easy, fast with no pre-drilling and quiet without the need for lots of tools. This makes it arguably the best decking system in the world. For more information about the Magnet System please get in touch or download the new Magnet brochure.

Contact us about the Magnet system Download the Magnet Brochure

Millboard Composite Decking captures the charm of real wood

Millboard decking is quality composite decking supplied by Exterior Decking.

It captures the charm of real wood but eliminates its shortcomings for outdoor environments. There are no other similar products to compare this unique product; “it’s not Plastic, it’s Millboard”.

We have been supplying Millboard decking products since the beginning and we believe no other company provides the same service that we do. We can recommend installation methods and time saving techniques.

Millboard composite decking boards are replicas of prime oak samples. They are manufactured from polyurethane with up to 50% recycled fillers. The boards are then hand coloured to perfectly reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimal repetition and it retains an exceptionally stable surface with a stunning appearance throughout its entire lifetime. It has a similar surface hardness to hardwood and its low slip, non-porous surface that repels algae, never rots, warps or gives splinters, it is ideally suited for domestic and commercial use.

Millboard decking retains an exceptionally stable surface with a stunning appearance throughout its long lifetime. Millboard is the specifiers choice for composite decking, commercial, roof terraces, boardwalks, marina decking, sundecks, veranda’s and garden terraces.

Professional Decking Installation

We offer the full professional design service for all decking projects. Correct structural design is important, so at Exterior Decking we care greatly that your project is a success.

We have the expertise to carry out accurate topographic surveys of sites and produce detailed engineering CAD drawings that are appropriately detailed and laid out for construction purposes. Our engineering design capabilities are for domestic and commercial decking installations.

Our professionally installed decking structures are fit for purpose and constructed by specialist carpenters. All our staff are educated, experienced, insured and well managed.

Our installations are for domestic and commercial use and always conform to current building regulations and EC5 Regulations Promulgated by TRADA, The Timber Research and Development Association, of which, we are full members.

We are experts in the installation of Exterpark and Hardwood Decking and registered “Pro-Installers” for Millboard Composite Decking.

Exterior Decking Installation

Exterpark Composite Decking

Exterpark Tech SHIELD is the latest innovation of composite decking. Using an upgraded construction method, we achieve a wood texture finish that is stain and scratch resistant. Exterpark Tech SHIELD is also made from the same 60% wood content that comes from sustainable forests which are FSC. If your project has green credentials Exterpark Tech is also 100% recyclable being eco-friendly.

Exterpark Tech SHIELD composite decking is an advanced outdoor flooring system that is by far the fastest decking in the world to install due to using our patented Magnet System. This is by far the easiest way to install your decking due to the absence of screws, no pre-drilling and no tools.
It’s easy, fast and silent.

Designers, architects and private clients should specify this decking when budget and time is tight. With a choice of 8 colours to suit any setting calling for low maintenance, Exterpark Tech and Exterpark Tech SHIELD are a popular choice.

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