Decking choice…Consultants’ advice

Choosing a new decking material for a terrace doesn’t have to be confusing, one simply has to ask the right person.

This garden had already been designed and the client was at a decision-making stop with regard to what decking material to choose. Once we were approached, Exterior was able to offer a wealth of experience in the decision process.

hardwood decking next to pool

Composites, softwood, hardwood and in this instance it was advised that a modified timber would suit the client and the project. The initial colour wasn’t a factor whereas the reduced maintenance was! The timber would quickly change to a silver grey which the client liked very much; the winning decision was the lack of maintenance due to the manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years against rotting. This means a service life of 40 – 50 years of trouble free decking.


The installation of this project was led by Exterior Solutions Ltd. The client had requested that the decking had no screws visible so we decided to use the Exterpark Plus system for this decking structure. A patented profile allows stainless omega side clips to fix the boards in place and thus offering a screwless appearance. The client now has a desirable terrace, smooth, clean and stylish.

kebony decking terrace


Exterior Solutions Ltd. insist on the best stainless fixings allowing for the most efficient way to approach all exterior projects. Carpenters Mate manufactures the best fixings for exterior projects, essential for use with Kebony®. The decking isn’t going to rot so why should the screws? Either the Number 10 Bugle head or the No 7 Trim head finishing screw is our screw of choice.


Maintaining the same high end not of only using the best products, Owatrol fits this brief, it hasn’t let us down since we started in 2003 so why change now? The client wanted the decking to have the best start, and as they appreciated the grey colour it would change to, opted for Owatrol Deks Olje D1 which is a high-end exterior and marine grade timber oil…we don’t use anything else.

kebony decking Detailing

In the main, Kebony Radiata is available in 144 x 21 but we obtained 42 x 144 to act as a substantial perimeter trim detail. This additional thickness material is often our go-to choice for step arrangements. Rebated holes for the fixings with a matching timber plug, carefully sanded off to blend into the smooth finish is simply perfection.

Access panels that are easy to lift out for inspecting what lies beneath have been designing for this terrace. Yacht grade stainless finger latches fitted flush to the decking surface were essential to complete the detailing on this project.