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Kebony Exterpark Hardwood Decking

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Kebony is a sustainable alternative to hardwoods from tropical regions and resembles teak and other tropical varieties of wood.

One of the notable benefits of Kebonization is the resistance to weather and wear, exceptionally good decay resistance, a long life span and if it is a darker shade, it acquires a silver grey patina over time if left untreated.

Our patented Magnet decking fixing system is the fastest decking to install in the world.

The Magnet System is achieved by working over essential elements

  • A special groove at the bottom of each board to allocate magnet clips.
  • Aluminium joists with a very specific and accurate geometry for the magnet clip to click inside.
  • Spacers inside boards to leave 4mm invisible expansion and drainage gap.
  • Blocking units to keep all boards always in the same place and prevent longitudinal movement.
  • Leveling instruments such as pedestals and wedges.

This invisible patented profile provides several advantages

  • Better look – no gaps and no visible under-structure.
  • Hygienic – no food or other objects can fall down.
  • No loss of valuables – cannot loose coins, rings or keys.
  • Safer – nothing can get stuck such as high heels or fingers.
  • Easy to install – no screws, no pre-drilling and no tools.

The magnet clip is the corner stone of the system. The key is the strength with the right flexibility. Fully made of POM, a high performance engineering thermoplastic with excellent dimensional stability even at extreme conditions, strong yet flexible, low friction, co-efficient and high abrasion resistance.