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EXTRA Mobile Headed Timber Decking Pad

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This range of pedestals has been designed to give applicators much greater scope to set out the decking on areas with very large differences in deck level. Often contractors are not sure exactly by how much and where the fall on the roof will be exactly, and it can be frustrating when a slightly incorrect height of TD unit has been purchased.

By using the TD EXTRA range contractors have greater flexibility in setting out the correct height; 85mm right up to 380mm, by ordering only three different sized units. This gives contractors greater flexibility and makes estimating much easier, avoiding delays in exchanging stock.

These pedestals have the heights marked out every 10mm on the side of stems, so users can see at a glance the exact height they are adjusting to without having to constantly re-measure.

Each TD EXTRA pad comes complete with an extension shank. This shank clicks into the base plate and the threaded stem is placed into the top of it.