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Pedestal base plate

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Rubber Timber Decking Pad

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Wallbarn has redesigned the 6mm thick rubber disc for paving to incorporate integrated spacing lugs and increasing the height to 7mm. There is now no need to use separate cross spacers – the integrated headpieces offer a more secure fitting and completely straight paving line. The pad will lift paving off the surface by the 7mm (the rubber pad is 6mm thick and the integrated headpiece raises it by a further 1mm). This pad will be used mainly where installers wish to prevent sharp slabs or timber coming into direct contact with the membrane beneath.

The surface of this circular disc is flat. The solid circular discs are made from PVC with a smooth finish. The plastic positioning lugs are incorporated into the pad as they plug into a small hole in the centre of the pad or disc.

Since the discs are made from rubber, they have a soft, flexible, hard wearing, non-slip profile; which means they protect the membrane beneath from damage. Rubber will also offer acoustic properties and create a separate layer from the deck.

They are extremely tough and durable and will also not become brittle in cold weather.

The 7mm disc can also be used with timber decking.