Alan Titchmarsh designs a new home and garden in Hemel Hempstead for ailing Mike who is living with Dementia and Parkinson’s. The family have been struggling for almost 10 years with poor Mike’s illness and as his condition deteriorates, the house is becoming ever more difficult due to the awkward nature of the existing house design.

Yukari cladding used on extension for ITVs Love your Home and Garden

In search of suppliers, the ITV show “Love your Home and Garden” needed the help of Lathams Ltd to solve the unsightly problem of the 1950’s pebble-dashed rear of the property. James Lathams Ltd has been supplying timber cladding in the UK since 1757 and supplies the UK with a large selection of charred timber products. They have an exclusive range of traditional ShouSugiBan cladding called “Yukari”.

Exterior Solutions team installing Yukari cladding for ITVs Love your Home and Garden

Alan chose the Yūkari Numachi finish and said “the cladding makes the house look 50 years younger”.

The Love Your Home and Garden team, Alan Titchmarsh & Katie Rushworth, designed and built the garden whilst Kunle Barker looked after the building and house renovation. Architects Ewald Van Der Straeten and George Bradley redesigned the property.

Alan said “Bamboo looks much more dramatic against the black background”, he said it made the garden look “Sheek and modern”. This can easily be achieved with finishes from the Shou Sugi Ban® collection.

Back of the house where Yukari cladding was used for ITVs Love your Home and Garden

The Architect Ewald said, “the pebble dashing certainly devalues a property and that to cover it would greatly reduce the impact of this outdated wall finish”. Ewald recommended to cover the wall with a locally manufactured charred cladding called ShouSugiBan, the charred and sanded back product called Yukari is available from Lathams Ltd timber supplies.

Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding is a clever solution to cover difficult areas in construction – the cladding is an easy solution to cover large areas of external space. The cladding comes in many finishes and many colours so make for a versatile product for many cladding applications.

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