Sometimes cladding can add a certain element of finesse to the design when building luxury apartments. 500 sq. m of Larch in the Byakko finish provided a stylish and accurate wall covering.

Larch in the Byakko finish used on the top of building

These luxury retirement apartments are a development for PegasusLife. They’re a developer that has re-invented the way in which we approach retirement housing in the UK. The project is located in the respectable neighbourhood of Canford Cliffs, Poole and is set amongst mature landscapes and tall pine trees. The development is on four impressive levels with incredible south cost views in all directions.

The project was shortlisted for a RIBA Regional Award, not a first for the cladding by ShouSugiBan to appear in. Byakko cladding by ShouSugiBan is a modern interpretation of the traditional charred finish once created in Japan. This stylish finish to the cladding has been designed by the team at Exterior Solutions Ltd that manufacture cladding products in the UK.

Apartment with Larch cladding in the Byakko finish

The Architects discussed at length about the fixings for the cladding. They chose to express the visibility of the screws by using a stainless fixing with an oversized head. They specified SPAX Hi. Force 6 fixings which come with a 13.6mm wide head.

Karl Harrison Said “if you want small screws then perhaps best to hide them or consider a side fixed system, but if you want to see them… Then let’s see them!”

Details Larch in the Byakko finish used on building

The cladding has been used to great effect for the adjoining terraces as well as louvred section over windows and openings. The fourth floor meanders from the rear elevation in a geometric sloping pattern which finally shoots for the sky as it nears the front. A contemporary design and certainly one that fits the brief from the client.

Exterior Solutions Ltd has been supplying timber for projects across the UK and Europe. Furthermore, they have a technical team to ensure the correct quality of timber’s always selected for each project and in the correct dimensions. They supply from a few square metres to thousands for a single project and by using freshly milled timber ensure the best finish for every project.

Credits and Further information

Project Woodlands, Canford Cliffs
Location Poole, Dorset
Architect Snug Architects
Client PagasusLife
Contractor Cladtek Ltd
Cladding Larch Charred White Byakko 白虎
Completion January 2017
Awards RIBA Regional shortlist 2017