Deliver a timeless finish to new builds and heritage renovations with premium-quality charred timber cladding.

Shou Sugi Ban® is the construction material of choice for many architectural designs including several RIBA Award-winning properties and public buildings including Eton College’s Sports Pavilion, and Nottingham Castle.

To develop our market-leading range of cladding, the skilled workshop team at Exterior Solutions Ltd mastered the art of yakisugi. This controlled timber charring process results in aesthetic and functional cladding with timeless appeal.

Although inspired by Japanese traditions, every plank is custom made in the UK. With an on-site workshop, we check every order for quality and have earned our position as the market leader.

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Oak Hill house finished with grey cladding made from Kebony

Charred Timber Cladding Options

Our Buckinghamshire team use thoroughly tried and tested timbers including Larch, Cedar, Accoya, Oak and Douglas Fir to create Shou Sugi Ban®. Their treatment of the wood produces a range of desirable finishes.

Are you drawn to the deep black crackle of traditionally charred timber or would a smooth finish suit your project? Do you want to reach out and touch the grain-defining texture that is achieved with heavy brushing?

We can also add colour to give a modern twist to the cladding. This option has been especially popular when Shou Sugi Ban® is used to make an interior design statement.

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Is Charred Timber Sustainable?

Our Shou Sugi Ban® range is sustainably sourced from trusted sawmills and is FSC and PEFC certified.

Controlled charring was originally developed as a method of fire and weather-proofing timber-built homes in Japan. The process works with the natural properties of the wood. It alters the cell structure of timbers, adding strength and enhancing the natural resilience to environmental impacts. This extends the lifespan of the timber.

The result is a low-maintenance, long-lasting construction material that doesn’t need regular applications of chemical-filled preservatives. The lack of surface applications makes the charred timbers safe to recycle and reuse at the end of life, so it is a truly sustainable option.

A cheaper way to achieve the look is to paint timber black. Initially, the effect might be impressive, but over time the paint may fade and will crack and peel. Any exposed timber becomes susceptible to moisture, mould and boring insects. This can impact the look and integrity of the cladding.

Sanding, treating and repainting cladding is a time-consuming process that has to be repeated many times to match the durability of charred timbers.

Premium Charred Timber Cladding Suppliers

A decade ago, Exterior Solutions Ltd developed a range of charred timber cladding and named it Shou Sugi Ban®. The popularity of charred timber and the reputation of our products led many other companies to use this name. We hold the registered trademark and do not supply our product wholesale. Order direct from us to benefit from the quality assurance of a premium product.

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