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Megapad 35-50mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-037

RRP £3.82


Megapad 50-75mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-050

RRP £4.50


Megapad 75-120mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-075

RRP £5.04


Megapad 115mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-125

RRP £7.54


Megapad 215-320mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-225

RRP £9.68


Megapad 315-420mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-325

RRP £11.81


Megapad 415-520mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-425

RRP £13.95


Megapad 515-620mm

Stock Code SP-MEG-BAL-525

RRP £16.12


Mega Balance Self Levelling Pedestal for Paving

From £3.82

Due to the success of our ASP Adjustable Pedestal range, Wallbarn has developed the Megapad, for higher and lower clearances of the deck.

Megapads feature significant benefits over other pedestals. These include:

  • Very heavy duty
  • Made from high quality virgin fibre polypropylene
  • Large weight distribution
  • Huge height range
  • Lockable to eliminate unwinding
  • Reversible for edges and corner
  • Fixing holes in base
  • Slope correctors for more stable installation
  • Super-low temperature tolerance.

Designed to hold suspended paving slabs, these pedestals / support pads have a massive range of height. We can supply fully lockable, telescopically adjustable support pads from 22mm right up to 1020mm.

They are also extremely tough and strong, with each support pad (at 35mm and above) able to tolerate a weight of 800 kg and tolerate temperatures as low as -40°Celsius.