Carpenters Mate Adjustable Post Support Anchor 2


This Post Support provides heavy-duty fixation due to expanding claws, locking into the post itself. This also helps reducing racking.

It is ideal for keeping timbers away from ground contact, providing a great solution for an uneven ground surface and at the same time giving a positive fixing to the ground. It is easy to fix into the underside of the post by drilling a 30 mm hole.

  • Vertical load capability: 2500 kg (2.5 t)
  • Vertical height adjustment: 45mm
  • Vertical height adjustment possible after fixation to post and ground
  • Distance between ground and underside post: 125mm to 170mm
  • Base plate size: 100 × 100mm
  • Post washer supporter: 80mm
  • Fix by drilling 30mm hole
  • Galvanized
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Timber Suitability: 125 × 125mm to 250 × 250mm posts