Manufactured in the UK, Shou Sugi Ban® charred cladding was used to complete the exterior envelope of a building in the centre of Canary Wharf.

A small building, by comparison, surrounded by giants in the best city in the world. This one, however, is different. Rectilinear, sharp and impressive.

Shou Sugi Ban® envelopes building in Canary Warf

420 square metres of prime oak were carefully hand finished in the UK and delivered to site on time – whilst meeting the high-quality demands of Canary Wharf Contractors.

Due to the nature of Oak, shorter than normal pieces of timber were used. This added to the stability of the build as well as the profile due to it being Tongue and Grooved.

The usual screws recommended by us are the carpenters mate No 7 finishing screws. They’re made from 316 stainless steel and come in a range of colours, including black.

Whilst they may be surface mounted, the black head disappears in the black cladding board and is almost unnoticeable.

Architectural view of corner of building with charred cladding, looking up

Karl Harrison said, “The grain is bursting out of each piece, it’s such an impressive timber to use as charred cladding”.

SFS Intec peel rivets were the specified method of mechanically fixing the custom-made brackets, designed by the team at Exterior Solutions Ltd.

The brackets in 5mm aluminium were to act as supports for the fine arrangement, clad in the same oak which also housed vertical LED lighting.

Corner of building with Charred cladding next to trees

A viewing terrace housed a wrap around cladding arrangement that allowed the charred cladding to be seen from the inside. An impressive locale with an impressive build.

Shou Sugi Ban® materials are manufactured in the UK to order in an extensive range of timbers, textures and colours for both interior and exterior cladding.

Corner of Charred Cladding on building in the centre of Canary Wharf

Credits and Further information

Materials English Oak Brushed – Hokkaido by ShouSugiBan
Installed by Exterior Solutions Ltd.
Location Montgomery Square, Canary Wharf, London
Architect Canary Wharf
Main contractor Losberger de Boer
Completed 2018