Wishing you had more space?

New Government rules to fast track the planning approval process means that now could be the ideal opportunity for home extensions.

Suppliers to Architects and Building Companies

Many of Exterior Solutions Ltd clients are architects and building contractors. Our Shou Sugi Ban® range of charred timbers are ideal for home extensions.

High-quality timber cladding works equally successfully with heritage buildings as with contemporary properties. The timeless quality of charred timber can sensitively blend existing structures with new developments.

We look forward to sourcing and charring quality timbers as more stylish architectural designs are realised when the fast-track approval process comes into force.

All Under One Roof

Multi-generational living has not been as popular in the UK as in other countries, but things are changing. For a start, children are staying in the family home for longer, as the cost of renting or buying exceeds wages. In the ONS People, Population and Community Report 32% of 18-34-year-olds were still living at home in 2017. With current uncertainties and job losses, this figure is likely to increase in 2020/21.

Concerns about care homes following the Coronavirus outbreak has also resulted in more elderly relatives being cared for by their relations. It can be easier to meet care needs and provide companionship by moving elderly parents into the family home.

Having everyone under one roof brings benefits and challenges. The main obstacle is providing everyone with their own space.

Oliver Heath hotel room with Shou Sugi Ban


Proposed Changes to Planning Regulations

The Government is exploring ways to reboot the economy, as well as ease the pressure on Greenfield sites. One of the solutions is to simplify the planning application process for home extensions. The new planning legislation is expected to be introduced in September. It will make it easier for homeowners to extend upwards, with an additional single or double-storey added to their home.

There are always risks associated with simplifying Planning applications. The build quality can be compromised and poor design becomes an eyesore in the community. Get it wrong and the value of your home can decrease.

Although the Town and Planning Regulations are to be relaxed, permission from neighbours will be an essential requirement. Plans should still demonstrate the highest design standards, compliance with building regulation and considered use of building methods and materials.

This approach will provide you with the desired additional space, whilst also adding value to your property and ensuring it will have wide appeal when it is time to sell.

Quality Building Materials

When extending a home, the golden rule has long been to match the materials used in the existing building. This is easier to achieve when extending relatively new builds but can pose a problem with older properties. This has led to a taste for a striking contrast in building materials. From rural country cottages to urban Victorian terraces, charred timber cladding has provided a desirable aesthetic.

The controlled charring process used to create our Shou Sugi Ban® range is not simply about appearance. It transforms the timber cells, increasing resilience to weathering, fire, moisture ingress and burrowing insects. The result is a low-maintenance building material that can stand the test of time.

This wood preservation technique (known as Yakisugi) originated in Japan. A visit to the ‘land of the rising sun’, reveals timber buildings that were constructed a hundred years ago or more, which are still structurally sound.

You can see stunning contemporary examples of charred wood cladding used in architectural design in our Shou Sugi Ban® portfolio. If you would like to find out more or request a sample, please complete our enquiry form or call Exterior Solutions on 01494 711800.