A two-story development from an original brick building from the 1950’s; Generously extended with a contemporary materials palette. In addition pressed aluminium panels with a black cladding, charred and using one of the most sustainable materials on the planet – Kebony.

Charred cladding

The inspiration for the materials came from the industrial history and natural landscape; This supports a canal through Burgess Park. For that reason, the Architect wanted a natural and inspirational cladding material. In order to create a black facard with hints of silver-grey running through it. Every angle changing due to the reflective qualities of the charred cladding, a biophilic and calming material.

Charred cladding

Karl Harrison said. “I love the way the materials swap place between the two floors; black cladding with the Aluminium highlighting the clean form of the glazing for the second floor. Meanwhile the main facard of the lower floors have the opposite; aluminium panneling with a hint of black around the windows…”

Why use Kebony?

Kebony is used by the UK manufacturer of ShouSugiBan. This is due to its inherent beauty and also because it is incredibly sustainable. As a result, Kebony has been listed in the Greentec Awards for 7 years and counting. As a result of the recipient of countless awards, from innovation to best construction materials.

Charred cladding

Exterior Solutions Ltd has been working with Kebony since 2008 and developed a range of materials. As a result, these are regularly specified for domestic and commercial projects.

Architect         Emulsion Architecture

Location          Albany Road, SE5 London

Cladding         Minami No” Charred Kebony