No decking project is built equal and too many decking projects tend to be a cost-cutting exercise. We would prefer to look at the style and design of the terrace… You can argue about the cost later. Most decked terraces design revolves around the standard 21 x 144 mm width deck boards. These are readily available from many suppliers. We want you to think past this.

Contemporary rooftop hardwood decking

At Exterpark, they take it upon themselves to create decking options that surpass the norm. They create options for the Designer and Architect to fully explore a dimension that works with the language of the design.

There are varied thicknesses of decking (the standard Exterpark is 21 mm). This is acceptable for a standard structured decking platform. If there’s a requirement for a higher load or wider structural span then 28 mm is worth a thought. Please consider 35 mm thickness when your project requires public access or receives a high volume of foot traffic.

rooftop hardwood decking

The designer said, “ I really do think that aesthetically the best decked platforms at the moment are designed with very narrow strips of timber”.

For style, design and the creation a terrace that certainly stands out from the rest, consider a narrow board width. A narrow 70 mm Ipe or a slender 57 mm Teak are the dimensions we see being specified for contemporary decking projects the world over.

In previous projects, it’s very common we see a narrow profile specified. However, the deck boards fitted with screws through the surface of the boards. Often this finish looks unsightly and adds considerably to the build time.

Dubai louvre hardwood decking

The Solution?

The patented Exterpark Magnet system has allowed these unique narrow profiles to be specified. With an invisibly fixed system and without compromise on installation time. The patented aluminium joists allow specialist POM clips; these slot into the decking which then simply clicks into place on the joists. This allows for a precise, screw-less installation and looks rather like the deck on a yacht.

Specialist corner and step edge pieces can be manufactured in the Exterpark Magnet system to match seamlessly with your project.

Decking                                               Exterpark Magnet Ipe, Teak, Accoya®, Kebony® and Iroko

Timber dimensions                          Ipe 21 x 70 mm and Teak 21 x 57 mm

Project                                                 Rooftop and poolside