When a clients brief is exceeded, it’s a contemporary garden design, high end, bespoke and the usual hyperbole are used far too often with images of a washed out and copied same ol’ same old… except for this one folks – this is the real deal.

Hannah said. “My Clients were fantastic – they gave me carte blanche to suggest layouts and materials to them and as soon as they saw the concept design & sample board they loved it all!

“I chose the Cedar sawn light wood specifically because I wanted to add depth and warmth to a contemporary space. I didn’t want to go down the tried and tested white render and cedar slats look.  The charred timber has character and I wanted that to add life to the design whilst, practically, helping to retain the wonderful deep colour of the cedar for much longer than it would be if just left oiled.”

Hannah Added, “I feel the colour spectrum of the materials used in the garden harmonise beautifully and all help to create the tranquil, relaxing space I was aiming for.”

The kitchen, pergola and structures used the Yama Yakisugi by Shou-Sugi-Ban®. Rich in colour, it softens the hard landscape. The pergola structure has been made from a box section of steel. This is then perfectly wrapped in the Cedar Yama Yakisugi.


In addition, the bench in the centre of the garden adds a contract of colour and is manufactured onsite from Kyōka sa reta kokumotsu manufactured in the UK by Exterior Solutions Ltd.

Karl Harrison said “You can invest in a Rolex but you’re then limited to only looking at your wrist…with a garden like this, you get to look out of every window of your house and see something beautiful every time…that’s before you even get to sit in it!”

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Credits and Further information

Designed by Hannah Collins Garden Design
Landscape contractor The Landscape Company 
Cedar brushed flatsawn light Yama yakisugi 山焼杉
Enhanced grain cedar Kyōka sa reta kokumotsu  強化された穀物
Location Knutsford
Completed 2018