Featuring our charred timber cladding with varying widths and surface fixed for a project in North London.

Nicknamed “Darling House” which isn’t its official name, that’s confidential… Crawford Partnership designed away from the norm with this stylish inverted curve that defines a period in history. Hints of art deco coupled with the modern multi-grey bricks and wrapped around the charred cladding is the aluminium pressing.

Charred Larch Cladding used Crawford Partnership Design

In contrast and a real focal point to this project is a minute detail, this is the yellow door number, we love this, out of nowhere and perfectly placed. Other larger details such as the door reveals were calculated with precision and the use of multiple widths of cladding allows for exact alignment. The cladding also extended to the doors.

Tim Spiller from Crawford Partnership “We’ve been very happy with the product, and think it looks fantastic. Definitely on our list of products for other projects going forward, so looking forward to working again together too.”

Darling House Forecourt View of house with Charred Syberian cladding

Takage is the Japanese name for our Charred Larch Shou Sugi Ban® cladding, it has been used in house building in many parts of the work for hundreds of years and continues to form part of extensions, new build projects as well as large commercial schemes.

Interior of Darling House project with Crawford Partnership

Architect Alan Crawford “It does give a beautiful textural quality in contrast with the brick, whilst continuing the colour pallet used in the project. Hopefully you’ve seen the first-floor internal ceiling, with the timber glulam beams and the plywood finish to the ceiling.”

Credits and further information

Product                                    Charred Larch, Takage

Architect                                 Crawford Partnership  

Contractor                               Ingenious Construction

Awards                                     Finalist Bathroom Designer of the Year

Photographer                          Adam Butler