In a secluded location behind a gated mews hides a newly renovated house. It is constructed to an exceptionally high level of detail. Elongated bricks sit over a substantial picture framed window which in turn balances over a set of custom made louvres, all delineated with Charred Kebony by Shou Sugi Ban®.

Charred Kebony

Charred Kebony by Shou Sugi Ban®

The Shou Sugi Ban® cladding, planters, framing, bin store and louvres are all custom made from Charred Kebony – Minami No  南の by Exterior Solutions Ltd. Kebony wood shows a high level of durability instilled by Kebony’s environmentally friendly patented technology which modifies sustain-ably sourced softwoods.

By polymerising the wood’s cell walls, the wood gains greatly improved durability and dimensional stability. This gives it characteristics similar to those of the hardest tropical hardwood. Kebony Clear timber is a great choice for this fire applied process. This is because it develops a deep black colour and interesting structure.

Charred Kebony used in South Yard

Karl Harrison “I enjoyed working with the Architects and Main Contractor to design a sensible solution for the mechanised louvre assembly… not easy when using 21 mm thickness material.”

Kebony Charred Timber used at 1 Southwick Yard

The louvres were manufactured from 4 pieces of Charred Timber fabricated for the assembly around a central steel plate with a threaded bar welded centrally. All presented to Contrasol Ltd for installation with their custom-made system.

Shou Sugi Ban® timber cladding is a material which is well founded and has been used for centuries. Exterior Solutions Ltd are responsible for its resurgence in modern construction. It is not always black; different techniques to include brushing, staining and colouring have let Exterior Solutions Ltd research and develop more products tailor made for almost every project.

Charred Kebony

Project             1 Southwick Yard

Architect         Belsize Architects

Contractor      PJ Harte Ltd

Louvres            Contrasol Ltd

Materials        Charred Kebony – Minami No  南の by Exterior Solutions Ltd