Yūkari, a Japanese hardwood often used for doors and windows for its stability. It has very little to no knots and gives a unique finish compared to our other timbers. It is also more cost effective than our other hardwood timbers available… Long lasting, durable and sustainable.

Lathams Yukari cladding used for garden water feature

So far, we have been involved in several exciting Yūkari projects; you may have seen our work with David Habour and Sarah Naybour. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL). We have also worked with Cherry Carmen at RHS Hampton Court. (queue relevant pics).

The APL General Manager Philip Tremayne said. “The rich tones of the charred timber really work well with the reflective qualities of the water. The timber provided a depth of contrast with the other materials in the scheme and certainly made the plants really stand out.”

Yukari cladding used by Sarah Naybour in her garden design

Yūkari is a sustainable timber, being 100% FSC, making it the perfect choice when considering the environment as part of your specification.  This hardwood is relatively fast growing when compared to other hardwoods.

Karl Harrison said, “I can see this product being used for many applications in construction, the cladding is proving a success and I am sure to see this as fencing panels, gates and structural elements of Landscaping and exterior works”.

Yukari cladding behind pink flowers

The standard dimensions are ex 6” x 1” which entail a nominal dimension of 20mm by 144mm after moulding into your cladding profile. The lengths are generally up to 4.9 metres and this should be discussed when considering your order.

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