As the manufacturer and supplier of Shou Sugi Ban® charred timbers, Exterior Solutions are on hand to answer architects, developers and builders’ questions about our product. Charred timber cladding

What is Shou Sugi Ban®?

Shou Sugi Ban® is the term we created when we first began developing a range of specialist charred timber cladding. The process is based on the traditional Japanese technique of burning, cooling and finishing wood to improve its resilience and longevity. In Japan, the technique is known as yakisugi.

The popularity of charred timber cladding has escalated in Europe and North America and ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ is widely used to describe the process and product. If you are looking for the real deal, Exterior Solutions Ltd manufactures the market-leading charred timber range.

What are the Benefits of Charring Timber?

Firstly, it looks amazing! The dark, textured finish of traditional yakisugi is timeless, offering a highly desirable finish to new build and renovation projects. When the charring is followed with a brushing technique, the wood grain is revealed; light brushing offers a smoother finish, whilst robust brushing emphasises the natural beauty of the grain.

Charring timber is more than aesthetic. The controlled process alters the cell structure of the wood. The flammable outer cells are removed and the natural sap and oils are heated and cooled to form a natural protection. Charred timber is, therefore, more resilient to moisture, weathering, rot and burrowing insects. This makes it ideal for exterior cladding, decking and hard landscaping.

charred timber cladding

How long does Charred Timber Cladding Last?

How long does Charred Timber Cladding Last?

The additional strength and resilience that is achieved through yakisugi improve the durability of timber. If the process is carried out professionally and to a high-quality standard, the lifespan of the timber is greatly increased. Exterior Solutions Ltd finishes the Shou Sugi Ban® range with a final protective coating which further reduces the need for maintenance, repair or replacement.

Our timbers can last 50 years or more. In Japan, there are many examples of charred timber buildings that are over a century old and the climate is very similar to that in the UK. The Japanese rarely treat yakisugi timbers, allowing them to weather over time, but the occasional re-oil of charred timber will help to retain its original colour.

How much does Shou Sugi Ban® Cost?

As a premium quality product that is manufactured by hand in our on-site workshop, this isn’t the lowest cost building material on the market.

The cost is dependent on the timber used. Exterior Solution Ltd works with tried and tested timbers including Larch, Oak, Accoya® Douglas Fir and Kebony. Burnt larch cladding is the most popular choice, as it offers a desirable grain and great finishes, but is lower cost than hardwoods. Although Larch is a softwood, it is naturally dense, durable and resilient. It is widely used for exterior cladding, decking and garden furniture.

Exterior Solutions Ltd offers a range of timbers and finishes and can advise on the best options for your application and budget. We will send quotes and samples to ensure informed decisions can be made for your construction project.

Is Charred Timber Cladding a Sustainable Building Material?

Exterior Solutions Ltd are environmentally conscious manufacturers. We work with local sawmills to source timbers from responsibly-managed forests. The process minimises the use of chemicals that are used to preserve unburnt timbers, both in production and long-term maintenance.

You can read more about the sustainability of Shou Sugi Ban® in this article:

Is Charred Timber Flammable?

We’ve all read the news regarding unsafe cladding and this does lead to concerns and questions about the integrity of other cladding products. Firstly, it is important to note that we do not supply cheap, inferior cladding; ours meet building quality standards.

In addition, the charring process and cell structure changes mentioned earlier in the article, make it harder for Shou Sugi Ban® to ignite. To further enhance resilience, Exterior Solutions Ltd can apply a flame-resistant coating to timbers.

Where can I see Buildings with Shou Sugi Ban® timber cladding?

Our blog shares examples of projects completed with our premium charred cladding.

These include:

Where can I buy Shou Sugi Ban® Charred Timbers?

If you would love to incorporate our range of timbers in your new build or restoration project, get in touch with us directly on 01494 711800. Based in Buckinghamshire, we are the UK manufacturer, suppliers and trademark holders of Shou Sugi Ban®. Our brochure is available to download from our website.

Trade buyers can also order Shou Sugi Ban® Accoya® Charred Timber Cladding and Yukari Timber Cladding through Latham Timber and Kebony Cladding from Brooks Bros.