Do you dream of a space to relax and socialise or a room to work without distractions? You are not alone. The demand for garden rooms has been steadily increasing for a decade and it is now on many homeowners’ wish lists.

Exterior Solutions Ltd is delighted to supply Shou Sugi Ban® to Into the Garden Room, a company renowned for design excellence and unique solutions that bring living outdoors. Their builds are constructed using quality craftsmanship and premium materials for outdoor rooms of distinction.

Garden Rooms on House Buyers Wish List

In a recent Talk Talk survey* house hunters revealed a rise in the desire for original features; they wanted something that stands out and expresses their personal style. For 33%, a Garden Room or Outhouse was a must. Is this the way to add value to your property?

Separate from the house, a garden room is a space that offers creative freedom. The interior design and exterior finishes do not need to fit in with the main property, so you can get a little quirky and add the wow factor.

A garden room also provides a means of adding space to a home interior without the disruption of converting a garage or loft. It can transform a dead space at the end of the garden into a desirable location that draws you outside. What’s more, the addition of a garden room will not result in paying extra council tax.

Although there are many standard cabins and pods, Into the Garden Room give their clients greater design freedom. Their bespoke service produces spaces that perfectly fit with the surroundings, the clients’ vision and ever-evolving lifestyles.

Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding - Garden room

Into the Garden Room

With a background in design and print, Into the Garden Room founder, Paul, has an eye for colour, shape, light and layering. This comes into play from the first site visit, where Paul can visualise the available space and surrounding landscape, to inform what will work.

The team listen to the client, their ideas and how they propose to use the space. Is a home office the goal, or a garden bar, gym or space for teenage children to hang out? Is the homeowner wanting a private sanctuary or a social space for guests? In many cases, a multi-functional space is required.

The buildings they create are not summer houses; they are desirable spaces at any time of year. Paul encourages clients to think ahead; the design should be sufficiently flexible, so it can adapt to changing needs. What can be included at the design stage to make it easy to transform?

When it comes to the exterior cladding, Into the Garden Room offers clients a choice of rich cedar, Shou Sugi Ban®, reclaimed wood or composite for every design and build project.

What is Shou Sugi Ban® Timber Cladding?

Shou Sugi Ban® timber cladding has been treated with a traditional Japanese technique of wood charring, known as Yakisugi. This enhances the resilience of the timber cladding; increasing resistance to moisture, burrowing insects, weathering and rot.

Whilst serving a functional purpose, the charring process also creates a stunning aesthetic. The natural pattern and tonal variation of the grain are enhanced and this brings character to each build.

Traditionally, yakisugi blackens wood, giving a highly textured, crackled finish. Exterior Solutions Ltd has developed a range of finishes using this technique. Paul says that the defined grain of Heavy Brush Accoya, Anthracite Accoya and the lighter Yukari Futto and Yukari Numachi are the most popular options from our charred timber cladding range.

In several recent projects, Into the Garden Room has combined Shou Sugi Ban® and Cedar timber cladding for a two-toned finish. We think the results are spectacular; adding depth and showcasing both exterior finishes.

As a quality product, Shou Sugi Ban® is not the cheapest option, however, the majority of garden rooms are only timber-clad on the front-facing side or two sides. This makes it a viable option.

Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding - Garden room

Why does Into the Garden Room Offer Shou Sugi Ban® Timber Cladding as an Option?

In one of the first Garden Room projects, the client suggested Shou Sugi Ban®. They had seen images on social media and favoured the grained effect. Having worked with Exterior Solutions Ltd for this build, Paul felt that this was a premium product that other clients might favour. We’ve now been working together for years.

“Exterior Solutions Ltd are a preferred partner. They have supplied Shou Sugi Ban® for many Into the Garden Room projects and I can’t fault the team. They willingly send samples direct to the clients without charge and can’t do enough to help.” – Paul Ransom

Clients have since requested our timber cladding for pool rooms, bars and garden studios. By charring, treating and sealing the timber cladding, we can offer a low maintenance option that retains its original colour.

Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding - Garden room

Award-winning Design & Service

Into the Garden Room have been awarded Best of Houzz for four consecutive years, in 2022, this is for both design and service. So, if you have been dreaming of a stylish room at the end of your garden, check out their portfolio of finished garden rooms for inspiration. Paul and the team will create a room to fit your lifestyle, whilst enhancing the desirability of your property.