Charred cedar cladding blending into the natural landscape, beautiful design and consideration for the environment. Sharp white edges contrast against the forest surroundings that wrap the biophilic charm of the charred cladding. A property in the heart of the New Forest National Park in Hampshire, the immediate landscaping is beautiful.

Charred cedar

Karl Harrison said. “I’m spoilt with the spray of white Alium Stipitatum. The occasional white pom poms popping into the vista and standing out in front of the weathered cladding. Swathes of grasses, collections of young birch and Wisteria Sinensis… I love this scheme…”

Charred cedar

Darren Bray – PAD Studio. “The Shou Sugi Ban® timber has been harnessed to add a real sense of texture, that links back sympathetically to the natural landscape, that surrounds the house. The dark grained tones of the timber, sits carefully and beautifully in its natural context and acts as a backdrop to the form of the architecture.

Profile 6 in a rhomboid style section. This is a classic rain screen solution which requires fixing through the front with stainless fixings. Furthermore, the Cedar Brushed Flat Sawn Dark Kurai yakisugi – 暗い焼杉 adds to the collection of an expanding range of charred timber products manufactured by Exterior Solutions Ltd. in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire.

Charred cedar

Darren Bray – PAD Studio. “Foxhill house is surrounded by mature trees. It seemed an obvious choice, to use the charred cedar that would weather naturally and gradually increase natural beauty of the material.”

The cedar used by Exterior Solutions Ltd is certified FSC by the Forestry Stewardship Council. This follows strict rules in accordance with EUTR, Europian Union Timber Regulations, in force since 2013. They have been supplying cladding amongst timber products for UK projects since 2010 have distributors across Europe and a wider reach around the world.

Credits and further information

Project                    FoxHill House

Architect               PAD Studio Architects

Cladding                Cedar Brushed Flat Sawn Dark, Kurai yakisugi – 暗い焼杉

Location                New Forest National Park, Hampshire

Completion         2016

Photography       Nigel Rigden