Wallbarn Flat Headpiece for Adjustable Support Pads


If a very wide joist beam is being used and the 90mm gap on TD supports is not sufficient, a flat headed support pad can be used to hold the joist. These headpieces are 120mm in diameter and completely smooth. They give extra support without anything protruding up from the surface and potentially interfering with the levels. Provided that the joists are fixed together with cross battens and built into a framework, the whole structure will be sturdy, weight bearing and secure.

Having a larger batten in place allows for more weight displacement through the system, but care should always be taken no to overload the support pads. Each pad will tolerate 400kg, but if the span is too great the load bearing is multiplied. Wallbarn recommends a maximum span of 600mm between support pads.

Flat headed support pads can also be used beneath the centre of paving slabs where extra support is needed, for example, very large (over 600mm) flags or thinner tiles.