Wallbarn 3-8 mm Adjustable Rubber Pad


They are similar to the 5 mm discs but wedge shaped instead of being flat. They slope from a thickness of 8 mm at the highest down to 3 mm.

On areas where there is only a very small threshold, it is possible to use two of these wedge shaped discs together to act as an alternative adjustable pad. More a shock absorber or membrane protection than an actual support, they can be slid towards or away from each other to create different thicknesses, achieving a range from 3 mm (where one has been used on its own, up to 11mm, where two have been stacked on top of each other completely).

A better use for these items is as a slope corrector beneath fixed height support pads. Simply placed onto the deck with a plastic or rubber ring loose laid on top without fixings, they can take out the fall in the deck to ensure that the support pad is completely vertical and straight, and the paving does not tilt in any way.