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Owatrol Textrol HES

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Natural Oil Finish

Owatrol Textrol HES only needs to be applied in one coat for a penetrating oil finish for softwoods and European hardwoods.


  • One coat, penetrating oil finish.
  • High solids content – Increased UV protection.
  • Enhances the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Non-film building – No peeling or flaking.
  • Microporous – Allows wood to breathe.
  • Matt-sheen finish.
  • Based on natural oils.

Where to use

  • Exterior use only.
  • Softwoods – Cedar, Larch, Spruce, Pressure Treated Softwood, THT (see restrictions)
  • European hardwoods – Oak, Chestnut, Beech etc
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Rough sawn or planed wood.
  • Decking, Cladding, Garden Furniture, Shingles, Fencing, Chalets etc

Recommendations before application

  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime, mildew and previous coatings.
  • Treat mildew with a 50/50 bleach/water solution. Scrub solution on to surface and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes; rinse thoroughly.
  • After cleaning and/or stripping, allow wood to dry 2-3 good drying days or until it has reached a moisture content of 18 % or less before applying finish.
  • Textrol HES can only be applied to bare wood surfaces or weathered surfaces previously finished with Textrol HES.
  • All other finishes MUST be completely and thoroughly removed.
  • If necessary sand surface after cleaning and/or stripping (80 grit paper).

New Wood Surfaces

Rough Sawn

  • Apply Textrol HES.


  • New smooth, planed wood has a hard shiny surface called mill-glaze that prevents maximum penetration and adhesion of any finish, this should be removed to ensure maximum performance of the finish.
  • Treat with Aquanett or Prepdeck and neutralise with Net-Trol OR sand with 80 grit paper to open the wood pores, dust off and degrease surface with Methylated Spirits.

Weathered wood surfaces (untreated):

  • Wood that has weathered longer than 12 months or turned grey should be cleaned with Net-Trol to remove all loose wood fibres, dirt and other surface contaminants. If wood is severely contaminated, clean with Aquanett or Prepdeck and neutralise with Net-Trol.

Previously coated surfaces (oiled, paint, stain, varnish etc):

  • All previous coatings must be completely and thoroughly removed.
  • Oils and sealers: Strip with Aquanett or Prepdeck, neutralise with Net-Trol.
  • Solvent (oil or alkyd based finishes): Strip with Dilunett neutralise with Net-Trol.
  • Acrylic finishes (Water-based): Strip with Prepdeck neutralise with Net-Trol.
  • Other finishes i.e. 2 pack epoxies, urethanes etc strip with DSP 800, neutralise surface with a suitable solvent – Acetone, White Spirits, Methylated Spirits etc.


  • Use as is. Do not thin.
  • Stir can well before and during application.
  • Apply a single liberal application of Textrol HES working in the direction of the grain.
  • After 15-30 min’s brush out excess to improve penetration and give a uniform finish.

Note: Do not create a film. Textrol HES is not a surface coating, its place is in the wood not on the surface.


Not suitable for exotic hardwoods or thermally heated, oil-impregnated wood.


  • Approximately once every 2 years depending on wood species, age of wood at time of initial application e.g. new or weathered and colour used.
  • Textrol HES will gradually lighten over time due to exposure to the sun and UV rays.
  • Inspect finish bi-annually.
  • Maintenance is due when the finish has severely faded or the wood takes on a weathered grey appearance. Surfaces with harsh exposure to the sun, weather and foot traffic will show wear more quickly than other areas.
  • Areas retaining good colour do not need re-treating.
  • Clean surface with Net-Trol.
  • Re-apply Textrol HES as directed under “Application”.
  • Cleaning with Net-Trol once a year between treatments to remove dirt and other surface contamination will renew the appearance of the finish and wood.


Coverage: 12 m²per litre
Application tools:  Brush, Roller, Spray.
Application temperature: Between 5°C and 30°C.
Drying: 24 hours.
Clean-up: Clean all tools and equipment with white spirits whilst still wet. If allowed to dry, remove with paint stripper. Any rags etc. soaked in Textrol HES may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Rags etc. must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water filled metal container, before disposing with household waste.