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PaveCare™ PRO-810 Invisible Impregnating Paving Sealer

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PaveCare™ PRO-810 Paving Sealer is a professional solvent based ‘invisible’ impregnating sealer.

PRO-810™ is a solvent based surface sealer and can be applied to many different types of stone immediately after they have been installed.

It penetrates deep into the stone to impregnate it and protects the surface from water, stains and the effects of natural weather.

PRO-810™ will not alter the texture nor the colour of the stone and can be used on all porous surfaces including high quality natural stone.

Available in 1 litre x 12, 5 litre and 25 litre containers.

PRO-810 Paving Sealer covers approximately 7-12m2 per litre depending on substrate porosity.