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Stock Code DS-CSK-4.2X20-1000

RRP £39.86


Stock Code DS-CSK-4.2X38-100

RRP £7.25


Stock Code DS-CSK-4.2X38-1000

RRP £51.33


Stock Code DS-CSK-4.2X20-100

RRP £5.74


Orbix CSK Head Drillscrews

From £5.74

Where space is tight, Orbix offer a range of self-drilling screws with a smaller diameter head.

Suitable for fixing clips/cleats/saddles etc. to metal where the standard Orbix head would be too big, or where a countersunk fixing recess is provided.

  • No Pre-drilling required
  • No Nuts, Bolts, Spanners etc.
  • No Changing drill/drive bits
  • Can be removed and re-used
  • Point caps available to protect cables when installed