Owatrol Mould Stop 50ml



  • Long lasting mould and algae killer.
  • Add to paint and your surfaces will stay like new without unsightly and musty smelling mould.
  • Can be added to a wide range of products such as paint, timber stains, textured coatings, grout, mortar and adhesives to prevent mould and mildew.

Where to use

  • When used as a paint additive it gives long term protection from mould and is suitable for most paints.
  • Can also be used to form a clear long-life protective anti-mould film to surfaces which are to be left in their natural state.


Water based and solvent based paints and stains:
Add 5ml of Mould Stop per litre of paint or stain and stir thoroughly.

Mortar, grout, textured coatings, fillers, adhesives:
Add 5ml of Mould Stop to each kg of ready to use product.