Megapad Key


At 35mm and above, Megapads are designed to be ‘locked’ into place once the correct height has been achieved with the ingeniously designed double-locking- thread mechanism. The headpiece, the extension towers and baseplate connect together by screwing into each other in the usual manner.

As the extension tower, adjustable thread section and headpiece are all screwed into place, a locking ring section (red arrows) is counter threaded at two points, up to the headpiece and at the bottom of the stem, linking either to the baseplate or an extension collar.

A special Megapad Key tool is used to help act as a wrench to ensure the locking nut is tightly screwed into place. The grooves in the handle fit around bars moulded onto the locking ring to give extra leverage when tightening them.

Once these locking rings are secured in place, the pedestals cannot change in height or start to unwind. The key is again used to release the locking ring. It is pressed into a small hole to release a spring within the unit, allowing the threads to be unlocked and untwisted, should installers wish to change the height at a later date.