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Owatrol Marine Strip

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Paint Remover

Owatrol’s Marine Strip is not just for removing paint from boats. It is an easy to use paint & varnish stripper that can cut through up to 8 coats in just one application.


  • Solvent free – No toxic fumes.
  • Easily removed with water.
  • Marine Strip is safe on all surfaces except Aluminium.
  • Does not harm plastic. Safe on gelcoat.
  • Removes up to 8 coats of paint in one operation.
  • Does not evaporate – Long active work time.
  • Easy to apply Gel – Does not run.

Where to use

  • For exterior use only.
  • Removes varnishes, stains, paints, anti-foulings etc
  • Works on metal**, wood**, plastic, gelcoat etc
  • Horizontal or Vertical surfaces.


**Marine Strip will not remove the following type of coatings: 2 pack or baked on paints or Polyurethane paint and varnish.
Do not use on aluminium.

Surface Preparation

  • Remove any loose and flaking paint.
  • Brush off any physical surface contamination i.e. moss, general dirt etc.


  • Apply a thick coat of Marine Strip over the whole surface to be stripped.
  • For woods rich in tannins, work large areas in zones to avoid excessive darkening of the wood.
  • Allow product to work.
  • Remove Marine Strip and dissolved paint with fresh water and a scrubbing brush or paint scraper, alternatively use a pressure washer (max. 60 bars / 870 psi).

Note: The use of hot water makes the job easier.
Thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh clean water after stripping and rinsing.
All porous surfaces must be immediately treated with Deck Cleaner while still wet to neutralise the surface.
Consult us for additional information and advice prior to using Marine Strip on Oak and Chestnut.


Coverage: 4 m² per litre
Application tools:  Flat blade or brush with synthetic (nylon) “bristles”. Pressure washer.
Application temperature: Between 5°C and 35°C.
Clean-up: Water.