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  • thumbnail Purple Douglas Fir - モーブ Mōbu
    thumbnail Charred (black) Douglas Fir - 黒 Kuro
    thumbnail Grey Douglas Fir - シェード Shēdo
    thumbnail Blue Douglas Fir - 青 Ao
    thumbnail Heavy brush (woodgrain) Douglas Fir - 木地 Kiji
    thumbnail Red Douglas Fir - ローズ Rōzu
    thumbnail Orenji Douglas Fir - Orenji - オレンジ
    thumbnail Yellow Douglas Fir - 黄 Ki

Douglas Fir

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Charred Douglas Fir Cladding is manufactured by our devoted team of experienced craftsmen in the UK.

This range has been designed to offer you a vast range of colour capabilities for your projects.

These finishes are available in many profiles and dimensions. Search #CPDTuesday