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Owatrol Aquadecks

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Wood Oil For Decking, Garden Furniture and Cladding.

Owatrol Aquadecks is a penetrating wood oil providing a flexible, long-lasting, matt finish for all woods.


  • Saturates, penetrates and stabilises wood to minimise damage caused by moisture and sun.
  • Can be applied on new or weathered wood.
  • Provides a matt finish that accentuates the beauty of wood.
  • Premium UV absorbing transoxide pigments.
  • Provides a long lasting finish.
  • Low odour; fast drying.
  • Easy application and easy clean-up with soap and water

Where to use

  • For exterior or interior use.
  • Hardwoods: including Ipé, Ironwood, Mahogany and Teak.
  • Softwoods: Pine, Spruce, Cedar, Pressure treated woods etc
  • Thermo-heated woods.
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces such as decks, siding, fences and furniture.

Surface Preparation

General Directions

  • Surfaces must be thoroughly clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime, mildew and previous coatings.
  • Treat mildew with a 50/50 bleach/water solution. Scrub solution on to surface and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes; rinse thoroughly.
  • After stripping and cleaning, allow wood to dry 2-3 good drying days or until it has reached a moisture content of 18% or less before applying finish.
  • Aquadecks can only be applied to bare wood surfaces or a weathered wood surface that was previously finished with Aquadecks. All other finishes MUST be completely and thoroughly removed.
  • If necessary sand surface after stripping and cleaning (80 grit paper).

New wood surfaces

  • New wood surfaces have a hard shiny surface called mill glaze that prevents maximum penetration and bonding of any finish; this should be removed prior to application in order to ensure maximum performance of the finish.
  • Treat surface with Aquanett, neutralise with Net-Trol, alternatively mechanically or manually abrade surface with 80 grit paper. Clean off all loose wood particles. Test wood for absorbency by sprinkling water on the surface.
  • If water is absorbed rapidly, the surface is ready for finishing.

Untreated weathered woods

  • Untreated wood surfaces that have weathered longer than 6 months should be thoroughly cleaned with undiluted Net-Trol to ensure that all loose wood fibres, dirt and other surface contaminants are removed.

Previously treated surfaces (oiled)

  • All oils or sealers must be completely and thoroughly removed with Aquanett and the stripped surface neutralised with Net-Trol before applying Aquadecks.

Previously treated surfaces (paint, stain, varnish, waterproofers etc)

  • All previous coatings must be completely and thoroughly removed with Dilunett and the stripped surface neutralised with Net-Trol before applying Aquadecks.
  • Other finishes i.e. 2 pack epoxies, urethanes etc: Contact our technical department for additional information and advice.
    Note: Hardwoods including exotic hardwoods and woods rich in tannins i.e. Cedar, Douglas Fir, Teak, Ipe etc may darken with Aquanett and Dilunett, neutralising with Net-Trol immediately after rinsing will lighten and restore the woods colour.
    Bamboo Surfaces: Contact our technical department for additional information and advice before starting the work.


Coverage: Initial: 5 m² per litre per 2 coats. Maintenance: 10 m² to 12 m² per litre
Application tools:  Brush, Roller, Spray. 
Application temperature: Between 10°C and 30°C.
Drying: 4 – 48 hours.
Clean-up: Soap and water.