Cladding for today looking like tomorrow…

Thin strips of pre-aged grey cladding made from Kebony with an undulating and tactile surface created by the manufacturers of specialist cladding projects at Exterior Solutions Ltd. There they brand creative cladding products under the name of Shou Sugi Ban®.

These are mainly charred products for cladding but also the strange, they’re different and altogether disruptive.

This project was a contrast to the existing Victorian Mansion situated in Hampstead; thus a biophilic screen in a stark modern style. Furthermore, this cladding projected a clear yet natural texture which married well with the narrow frames to the glazing.

Karl worked with Claridge Architects who were exact in their choice of combining the right dimension of the material because this needed to work with the style of the project.

In addition, this also reduced the waste factor of the materials. Furthermore, in this instance, the waste was virtually nothing.

Kebony also played its part;

“Its wonderful to see such a traditional material having the ability to be used in such a contemporary way and be so sustainable”.

In fact, Kebony has recently been awarded the ‘Europe and Israel Company of the Year’. Following this is in the prestigious 2018 Global Cleantech 100, the 7th year of being in the top 100. To conclude, it also won the 2018 Surface Design Award for ‘Housing Sustainable Surface’… In other words, we like Kebony.

Credits and further information

Architect                  Claridge Architect

Materials                  Kebony Timber Radiata Enhanced Grain Hijō ni mirikiteki na – 非常に魅力的

Cladding Profile     42 x 21 mm

Completion             2014