Exterior Solutions Ltd has been reflecting over what has been a year of change and growth. We thank you all for your involvement in our continued success.

The Move to New Premises

This year has provided us with the ideal premises for expanding our business. You can now find us at Dropshot Farm, College Road North, HP22 5EZ.

Being part of this growing enterprise zone in Buckinghamshire has opened up the opportunity to have a larger workshop. Our experienced team benefit from more space undertake the specialist timber charring process for our Shou Sugi Ban® range.

Our plans for the future include the development of a timber cladding showroom. Once complete, we can invite architects, building developers, interior designers and self-builders to come and view our range of timber cladding and specialist charred timbers. In the meantime, we are willing to send samples of our treated timbers for your consideration.

Timber Supplies for Impressive Projects

Every year, we proudly supply high-quality timber cladding for impressive public buildings, commercial developments, independent businesses and private homes. This year, our timber products have adorned boutique hotel interiors and buildings in Canary Wharf, to name but a few.

In 2019, we have been delighted to see our bespoke finished timbers in two theatres. Wood has a natural sound dampening capacity. An auditorium lined with timber cladding or panels helps to reduce echoes and reverberations. This enhances the acoustic performance of the theatre.

We supplied timber cladding as part of the latest upgrade of Kilburn’s stylish Kiln Theatre in London. Previously known as the Tricycle Theatre, this is a community venue which showcases a diverse range of creative performances. In addition, our charred timber has been used as a backdrop to the popular Magic Mike show at London’s Hippodrome.

Looking forward, we will enjoy the focus on Japanese architecture as we look to Tokyo 2020. The impressive New National Stadium has drawn on the country’s design heritage and has been constructed, in part, with traditional charred timbers. This technique is known as Yakisugi.Shou Sugi Ban larch with snow

Shou Sugi Ban®

Exterior Solutions Ltd is a specialist charred timber supplier. We have drawn on the traditions of Yakisugi and have developed an extensive range of timber finishes which can be achieved with controlled burning.

This year, we successfully registered Shou Sugi Ban® as our trademark. This step ensures that the quality assurances that we provide can not be compromised by other timber suppliers who had been using this name.

Happy New Year!

We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that will shape our development in 2020. We would like to extend our best wishes to you all. Enjoy a fun and relaxing Christmas break, in order that you can return fully energised and ready for the New Year.

If you would like to find out about timber cladding and Shou Sugi Ban® for your project, our team will be back in the office and workshop on Monday 6 January.