The existing tennis pavilion was tired, outdated and needed a transformation. Eton College sought a new scheme, an extended use and so Lewandowski Architects were commissioned.

Eton College Pavilion Transformed with Charred Timber Cladding

Their task? To design a contemporary sports pavilion replacing the existing tennis pavilion. Crisp, clean lines vertically and horizontally with a beautiful reflection in the floor to ceiling windows.

This substantial black building is sheltered from existing trees and new soft landscaping scheme to harmonise the biophilic elements of the timber cladding with its surroundings. The use of corner glazing and retractable screens allow the building to open up fully to the elements when in use.

Architects transform Eton College Pavilion with Charred Timber Cladding

Karl Harrison said “from a distance, it’s perhaps perceived as a harsh black monolith, however, upon closer inspection, the tactile grain of the charred surface will draw you in… It sits at the epicentre of Wabi-Sabi and over time will weather to a beautiful grey patina blending into the natural surrounds”

Created from a sensible cutting list which offered the project seamless integration between the cladding and the building. Shou Sugi Ban® is much more than charring a piece of timber. To us, it’s being able to provide the client, architect and contractor with an exact offering. Cut lengths delivered to the site, exact dimensions in thickness and width all aid the efficiency and make for a smooth-running project.

Corner view of Eton College Pavilion with charred timber cladding

The ShouSugiBan larch is offered in many finishes, eight in the charred range with enhanced grain and also painted finishes. We also offer Sioo:X which is a pre-aged finish; this shows as a natural grey timber on installation but after a very short time. This changes to a homogeneous grey which is also a preservative treatment too, all of which should be for exterior use only.

Corner view of Eton College Pavilion Transformed with Charred Timber Cladding

Furthermore, a good point to mention the dimensions of Larch; ex 6’ x 1’ in old money which we know as 21 mm x 144 mm nominal with lengths of normally 4.8 metres. We can supply up to 200mm in a sawn width but the thickness should be increased to 38 – 42mm nominal. This aid’s the structure of the cladding. At this width and to keep with the 21mm thickness would require three number faced fixed screws.

We like complicated projects and happen to supply them on a weekly basis – we also install them too.

Credits and Further information

Client Eton College
Architect Lewandowski Architects
Location Eton, Berkshire
Cladding Larch Charred Light Brushed, Koshikijima – 甑島
Completed 2018