When specifying timber decking for commercial projects it’s easy to stay with the standards; not realising there are new and innovative decking ideas out there.

This London balcony project was approximately 100 sqm and comprised of 144mm Kebony Magnet decking over pedestals. With the same Kebony Radiata in 68mm width as Exterpark Magnet Cladding.

The Decking & Cladding Installation


Exterpark Magnet is a revolution in screw-less decking. It’s fast, reliable and simple to use – gone are the fiddly clips and screws! This means no countersinking and what you’re left with is by far the most efficient system on the market.

Karl Harrison said, “The boards remain completely accessible after installation. Simply pop up any board when you need to gain access underneath the surface”.

The system comprises of a pedestal, an aluminium joist and the decking. Once the pedestals are laid in line to the same elevation, the joist is laid on top and the decking simply clicks into place…


Cladding being installed to the balcony using the Magnet system

This system allows the flexibility to create decking platforms with a very low elevation, even as low as 43mm; A 5mm shim or packer, low height joist at 17mm and the decking at 21mm makes this by far the lowest system on the market.

Exterpark decking materials were born in 1984. A simple clipped system called “Classic” quickly copied by the masses but nevertheless invented at Exterpark.

This system quickly evolved into the first patented decking system in the world, which hid the side fixing clips that were known as the Exterpark “Plus” decking system.

Magnet is far superior to these – no stainless clips or screws, only Magnet clips! Making it the fastest decking to install on the market.

Kebony Magnet Decking laid

The additional benefits are vast but the most important is that this system can be used for cladding too. The same profile, clips, aluminium joists and exactly the same method of installation.

The Decking Finish

Once the decking was installed, it was oiled with Owatrol Aquadecks to provide a matt finish which enhances the Kebony’s natural beauty.

Kebony Magnet Decking before and after using Owatrol Aquadecks

Hundreds of thousands of square metres of Exterpark decking has been installed all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East. It is now rapidly travelling around the word and sure to be the ‘go to’ decking system specified for all decking terraces.

Installed and Finished Decking & Cladding