174mm x 174mm sections in solid Ipe which were possibly the largest sections of Ipe we have seen in the UK since we started supplying timber in 2003. The finished dimension was 150 x 150 x (up to 6.3m) after we had planed and prepared these massive sections.

Karl “These are much more than a two man lift, 200Kgs is an incredible weight for a piece of timber but then again… it’s a beautiful piece of timber”

These section of Ipe timber are virtually impossible to get these days, the inforcememt of FSC and regulatory bodies inforcing ethical and sustainable timber make products like this a thing of the past… the supply in the UK is very small although a few pieces remain.

The main reason for using such timber like Tabebuia Saratifolia  (from the Lapacho group) is due to its superior performance. Its main use in the UK is for decking and now being specified for the Exterpark Magnet decking system.

Ipe is a very dense hardwood and at 3860 Kilograms per cubic metre makes it something you only want to install once. It does grey out over time but can be treated to remain its dark chocolatey brown for many years.

Karl “Most Ipe decking and the like is expected to last about 30 years or so but I see these sections of timber lasting… for ever?”

This beautiful garden design by Kevin Murphy required the careful and skillfull handling by the tradesperson, not only the weight is excessive but the hardness of the timber required knowledge of timber and use of specialist tools. This pergola design was sympathetic to the whole scheme, professionally excecuted by Arun Landscapes, members of the Association of Professional Landscapers, Supreme APL winners and Gold medal award winning gardens at RHS Chelsea.

Exterior Solutions Ltd supply the standards in the timber construction world but readily jump to the challenge of complex and extraordinary projects…

Designer                      Kevin Murphy

Location                      Chelsea

Landscaping               Arun Landscapes

Client                           Private

Supplier                       Exterior.Supplies (ipe posts only)




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