Charred timber for a custom fence

Designed into a new garden scheme by Exterior Solutions Ltd. is a new style of timber fencing. A sensible distance from the humdrum of standard off the shelf fencing panels. Charred timber panels manufactured in the UK by Shou Sugi Ban® are a sensible choice when selecting a different material for your bespoke made fence. Kebony Scotts was an organic choice as the panels added a sense of nature to the scheme with Kenchiku 建築 being the finish.

Shou sugi ban kebony log storage

How to… the basics of custom fencing in a new garden

Assuming you have a design using these premium materials it makes sense to ensure the longevity of the installation. Steel posts set into concrete are a sensible idea and will pretty much last forever. Use code 3 treated battens or smaller sections of Kebony all connected using stainless fixings throughout.

This makes for a basic fence structure that once the Kebony Charred timber is fixed too will outlast any other timber fence.

Further, a covering strip in timber or aluminium flashing coloured to work with the design would be the ideal finishing detail. This assists in preventing the weather from getting into the end grain.

close up charred kebony kenchiku texture fence

Organic and natural

Considering the various timbers available, all with varying grades, knots really do add to the more natural aesthetic. When presenting the materials palette and considering the zinc timber shelving unit it was important to find the right balance between metal and timber. It lent itself to an oriental influence but more importantly, the timber panels had to present as naturally as intended. Knots were a very important attribute to the palette and the use of the Kebony Scotts became an essential choice.

garden design using shou sugi ban charred kebony yakiusgi finish

New garden New products

Essential shade, natural stone and maintenance free decking. There are many products that are brought together when creating a balance of materials into a new garden design. Exterior Solutions Ltd. insist on the correct construction of the best materials available. Umbris adds the essential automated shade, the hand finished natural stone from CED and the decking from Millboard