Textured matt black finish or a brushed charred timber with a deep grain, clients and architects love Shou Sugi Ban®. In this article, we explore ways of adding the traditional art of yakisugi (charring timbers) to your property.

Charred Timber for Exteriors

Timber Cladding for Contemporary and Heritage Builds

As charred timber cladding suppliers, we have burnt larch, oak, douglas fir and other woods for both contemporary builds and heritage renovations. This includes projects in conservation areas and where sensitive architecture is essential to preserving the essence of a property.

Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding has added the finishing touch to urban and rural private dwellings, as well as commercial and public buildings.

The timeless quality of the dark timbers complements other construction materials and is used to unify different styles of building. This works well when outbuildings are converted or modern extensions are added to period properties.

Fire Resistant External Wood Cladding

We know that there is concern about the flammability of timber cladding, but Yakisugi (controlled charring) reduces this risk. One of the many advantages of the charring tradition is fire resistance.

The controlled burning process is undertaken by skilled craftsmen in our on-site workshop. We can add additional treatments to further enhance fire resistance. The process also reduces expansion and contraction of timbers and makes the wood unappealing to burrowing insects.

Garden Buildings to Transform Outdoor Spaces

Timber is a traditional material for sheds, summer houses, log cabins and treehouses. With more of us working from home and looking to create additional space, Charred timber garden buildings could offer the solution. From workspace to a yoga studio, workshop to a music room, a stylish garden room made with Shou Sugi Ban® can transform your outdoor space.

Hard Landscaping with Shou Sugi Ban®

Japanese gardens have long been renowned for considered design and reference to the elements. Wooden structures are positioned to guide the eye and frame natural scenes. From pagodas and screens to plant pots, how could you use charred timbers to enhance your exterior?


Charred Timber Cladding for Interiors

Charred timbers have enhanced weather resistance and durability, but they can also provide a striking contrast and a focal point for interior design.

Timber Screens and Partitions

Open-plan interiors have been a design trend for many years now. Large open spaces allow light to flood in, encourage interaction and offer maximum flexibility. The challenge can be to create distinct zones and areas with greater privacy.

The eastern tradition of using wooden screens and partitions has long provided the solution. In Japan, timber frameworks, filled with Washi paper are a feature of many homes and offices. The treatment of the mulberry pulp creates a translucent paper which allows light to filter in.

Free-standing screens originated in China but became popular in Japan during the 8th Century. These hinged panels were traditionally painted with natural scenes on both sides. They added beauty to interiors, as well as serving a practical purpose.

The need to maintain social distancing means that many restaurants, workplaces, boutiques and hotels have to divide open plan areas. Our Shou Sugi Ban® timbers could be crafted into partitions or screens to complement stylish interiors.

Creating a Stunning Interior Focal Point

An area of internal wood cladding delivers a stylish backdrop with the wow factor. Shou Sugi Ban® has been used in corporate receptions, retail fit-outs and restaurant interiors. With a range of colour and grain options, our timbers can create an impactful finish. Had you considered burnt timber cladding as an interior feature?

Shou Sugi Ban® Supplier

Exterior Solutions Ltd is the registered Shou Sugi Ban® trademark holder. Our timbers come from FSC and PEFC approved sustainable forests. We handcraft the timbers on-site and undertake regular quality checks before shipping orders to architects, interior designers, building developers and homeowners.

If you are looking for charred timber cladding suppliers, get in touch. We are a family-run business, with a focus on customer service. If you want authentic, highest quality Shou Sugi Ban® call Cara at Exterior Solutions on 01494 711800.