Hidden away at the bottom of the garden, step down into a contemporary form covered in charred timber and inside a beautiful gymnasium – a total contrast.

Shou Sugi Ban® cladding

Stepping down into the garden room reduces the impact of the roof height and adds to the mysterious nature of this design. The sheer black nature of the charred cladding adds beautifully to the garden design and the hidden door is a gem, the only give away is the path that leads to it. Simple lines and minimal glazing unit to maximise the light once inside add to this well thought out project.

Shou Sugi Ban® cladding

Inspect the timber closely. A rustic charm is soon realised, ancient, dark, rustic and mysterious to surround something so contemporary on the inside

The designer said “I love completing the sides of a garden in a sheer black, it’s certainly a way of making the planting pop, it’s a great back drop all year around”

Shou Sugi Ban® cladding

Furthermore, the charred timber cladding is manufactured by Exterior Solutions Ltd. in Aston Clinton. Everything’s made by hand by a dedicated team that has been producing in the UK since 2008. In conclusion, there are many finishes available with new ranges being created on a regular basis.

Credits and further information

Architect                      EASTWEST Architecture

Location                       Fraser Road, Walthamstow

Project                          Garden Studio

Cladding                       ShouSugiBan (Charred Cedar) Dentō yakisugi – 伝統焼杉

Completion                  2016

Structure Engineer    Ramboll

Photography Credit   NAARO