In a bid to tackle the spread of Coronavirus, the Government enforced most of the population to remain at home. Working remotely is quite a challenge, especially if you have children, pets and partners sharing the same room. Nothing makes you appreciate having your own space as much as being in close proximity with every member of your household for an extended period.

So, if self-isolation means you have time on your hands, now is the perfect opportunity to plan your garden building. What would you need to include in your ideal garden office, workshop or studio?

A Garden Building or an Extension?

Garden terrace with Shou Sugi Ban cladding

There are several reasons why a separate garden building is preferable to extending your home. We explore style, separation and planning.

Greater Freedom in the Style of your Building

Having a garden building that is distinct from the home allows greater design freedom. You can be more experimental in the style and appearance of the architecture. There is no need to blend with existing materials or build to fit into a set space at the rear or side of your property.

Many garden buildings are made from wood and finished with treated timber cladding. This does not mean that they need to resemble a traditional garden shed. You might opt for a contemporary, angular building with charred timber cladding in the garden of a period property. Take a look at historic Japanese buildings, alpine ski lodges, Scandinavian saunas and woodland hideaways for design inspiration.

When considering the ideal position for a garden building, start by working out which areas benefit from the most natural light. It will be so tempting to head out every morning to a bright home office.

A Garden Office to Give you a Separate Space

If you add an extension to your home, it is likely to be well used by all of the family. This might be ideal, however, if you want your own space for work, hobbies or relaxation, a separate garden building is ideal. It allows you to work on projects undisturbed.

When you do not need to share the space, you can avoid having to tidy everything away to clear a table for mealtimes. The risk of children getting their hands on a tool that you were using is minimised. You do not get interrupted every five minutes and can give full focus to work, rest or play.

Take a moment out of the current stresses to imagine yourself disappearing off to your own space in the garden. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

Garden Buildings to Avoid Planning Permission

Gaining planning permission for an extension is required if the property has already had some work undertaken. If you opt for a garden building, you may be able to avoid the need for planning.

In most cases, a home office, studio or sanctuary can be up to 30 square meters in size. To avoid planning consent, it should also be:

  • Be positioned a meter away from any boundary
  • Be constructed of sustainable and non-combustible materials
  • Not contain sleeping accommodation

Timber Clad Garden Buildings

Shou Sugi Ban cladding on a garden building

Exterior Solutions Ltd is a specialist in charred timber cladding. Our Shou Sugi Ban® range has provided a desirable finish for many architectural projects. Whilst the majority are large workshops, galleries and commercial buildings, charred timber cladding is also applied to many home offices, workshops and summer houses.

The traditional yakisugi process of charring timber provides a blackened finish, but our Shou Sugi Ban® timbers include modern variations. Our experienced team can even provide a colour match finish on deeply grained timbers such as Douglas Fir.

Supplier of Charred Timber Cladding

Our team are committed to providing excellent customer service, even through these challenging times. Whilst following Government advice on social distancing, we continue to respond to enquiries and fulfil orders. If you would like our Shou Sugi Ban® catalogue, complete our online form and we will pop one in the post.