Do you have a new flooring project for 2020? Then take a look at our top 10 flooring ideas to see what is on-trend for this year and gain some inspiration.

Hardwood flooring

2020 will see the lighter wood flooring colours to appear more and more. Light greys, beige and ‘greige’ (a mixture of grey and beige) are very sought after. Using these softer colours allows you to create an elegant, contemporary feel to any room setting. On the opposite side of this, a variety of colour is also becoming popular. Warm and dark brown colours mixed together offer a more homely feel.

Lots of high textured wood is still popular such as hand-scraped, wire-brushed or distressed and we can see why. People are starting to move away from smooth and sleek flooring and instead want something with a bit of character.

Wood flooring with high shine has started to fall out of fashion and so we expect to see a lot more flat or matt finishes instead. Choosing these types of finishes along with strong textures allows the floor to really make an impact on the room.

Patterns are still going strong and so we can expect to see more herringbone, chevron and parquet flooring. Larger, wider planks are also becoming more popular and offer a luxurious bold statement.

As the years progress, we are becoming more and more aware of our environmental impact on the planet. Because of this, we expect to see more composite wood, recycled/recyclable wood or even reclaimed wood being used.

Our top 5 ideas for wood flooring

Variety of coloured flooring


We love these beautiful warm tones mixed with darker browns and just a touch of light to create a wonderful variation of colour. This would look beautiful used in a living room to offer a touch of masculinity.


grey wooden flooring


This wonderful cool grey flooring is simplistic yet beautiful. It’s calm and muted – perfect for use in a room where you perhaps don’t want the floor to catch your eye and be the centre of attention.


Patterned wood flooring


We simply love this wonderful flooring design. The use of colour variation along with the way in which the wood has been cut gives this flooring so much dimension. The perfect statement floor and an excellent talking point.


grey chevron flooring


Mixed tones of grey with high texture in a herringbone pattern creates a beautiful character for this floor. The variations of light mixed with the dark offers a very cool-toned natural looking feel.


Grey textured flooring


The texture of this cool grey wood combined with strong textures gives it a rustic feel and a real punch of character. We love seeing sawn and distressed wood used to give a more mature look to any room setting.


Tiled flooring

Similar to that of hardwood flooring, lighter and cooler colours are on the rise. Lighter greys, beige and greige, as well as tiles of high colour variation, are becoming more and more popular.

Textures best matched to the nature of the tile is always the way to go. For instance, having the texture of wood on a wood effect porcelain tile is the best way to show off the subtle tones and help bring it to life. Likewise with tiles such as marble.

Wooden effect tiles are expected to increase in popularity. These types of tiles have been in demand for the last year or so and we can’t see it slowing down any time soon. Concrete and natural stone tile such as marble is also a great choice, especially in a contemporary setting.

Patterns such as herringbone with a wood effect tile creates a wonderful warm look to a room but with a luxurious twist. Likewise, creating accents of colour or even creating a checkerboard effect is also a beautiful way to showcase your room and allow it to be more than ‘just a floor’.

Again, similarly to that of the hardwood flooring, many people are now opting to use porcelain tiles. This is because they are a lot more environmentally friendly and often cheaper too. You will not need to worry about obtaining your wood or marble from eco-friendly sustainable areas and can instead get on with the job at hand.

Our top 5 ideas for tiled flooring

Evood wood effect porcelain tiles


Cool wood effect tiles are minimalistic yet beautiful. They offer a real sense of calm and look simply stunning in any contemporary setting. We especially like the look of them used in a bedroom.


Anima marble effect porcelain tiles


Marble, or marble effect porcelain tiles, offer a truly luxurious feel to any setting. Mix lighter tones with dark to create a beautiful composition. Marble is always a talking point and brings a level of elegance to any room.


Be More porcelain tiles


Porcelain tiles offer an endless range of possibilities. They are available in a variety of colours, thickness and sizes to offer a wide range of style and versatility. Perfect for use in residential or commercial settings.


Hike wood effect porcelain tiles


Warm wood effect tiles offer the realistic true beauty of natural timber flooring without the worry about the eco-friendly side of the timber trade. Stunning in any room setting to offer a warm and homely feel.


Built concrete effect porcelin tiles


Concrete tiles outline the look of modern times. It has taken the lead into the 21st century with its brutalism leaving a permanent impression on architecture. Perfect for use in both commercial and residential settings.