With such a wide variety of charred timber cladding available, it can be a little confusing as to which is best for you and why. There are many things to consider before purchasing charred cladding and so today we are going to be answering some of the most commonly asked questions about it.

1) How long will my charred timber cladding last?

The length of time that your charred timber will last will depend on what type of timber it is. Some types of charred timber cladding can last for 50+ years. This is made possible due to the specific way in which the charring is carried out, as it creates a protective layer of carbon during the process of charring.

Corner of building with Charred cladding next to trees

Generally speaking, the heavier the charring the longer it will last. This is because of the way that wood naturally weathers over time. The thinner the depth of the charring the thinner the protective top layer will be, exposing the sound timber below to the damaging effects of weathering, rot and insects. Timber with a thicker depth of charring creates a thicker and more protective top layer and as such will last longer.

2) How to seal charred wood

We have put a lot of research and development into sealing our charred wood and we manufacture specific finishing products depending on the timber and final finish to maximise the protection given. These are our trade secrets so we can’t reveal them to you but rest assured that when purchasing charred timber from Exterior Solutions, your timber will be well-protected.

3) Does charred wood rot?

Charred wood is extremely resilient to rot as well as insect damage. In fact, the charring process on some woods even makes it resistant to fire to Euro Class B. This is because the process of charring the wood draws out moisture from within and leaves a natural protective chemical compound on the surface.

All wood, regardless of the type or finish applied will eventually succumb to rot. Wood is a product of nature and as such will eventually return to nature. However, the harder the timber, the more resistant to rot it will be and the longer it will last – in some cases 50 years or more.

4) What wood can you char?

Some timbers accept the charring process better than others.  Things that affect the char include the timber species, moisture/sap content, how it has been cut, air moisture and temperature.

Some of our favourites are:

English Oak Charred shou shugi ban swatch

English Oak Charred

Using the ancient Japanese technique of charring timber on English Oak creates a beautiful and long-lasting product by a technique that we have proven to supply, design and install. The manufacturing process is detailed, accurate and dangerous; one that we have perfected.

Charred English Oak cladding is perfect if you are looking for an intensely dark look full of texture and character.

Kebony Timber Scotts Rishiri Shou Sugi Ban swatch

Kebony Timber Scotts Rishiri

Charred Kebony cladding has a unique and beautiful finish; dark and rich with a distinct patina. It is one of the most durable of our materials and is available in many dimensions and profiled to order.

With a choice of 10 colours and finishes, there is something for everyone allowing it to complement a wide variety of settings.

Larch Charred Heavy Brush shou sugi ban swatch

Larch Charred Heavy Brush

Charred Larch cladding can only be described as ‘Wabi – Sabi’ (beauty in imperfection). It expresses itself in the most captivating display.
Available in a range of char intensity, Charred Larch is a beautiful cladding for both external and internal purposes.

If you are really looking for a statement, why not opt for the charred white ‘Byakko’?

Shēdo Douglas Fir Shou Sugi Ban swatch

Shēdo Charred Douglas Fir

Charred Douglas Fir cladding is manufactured by our devoted team of experienced craftsmen in the UK. This range has been designed to offer you a vast range of colour capabilities for your projects, including purple, orange and even yellow.

Make your wood stand out of the crowd with the beautiful possibilities of Charred Douglas Fir cladding.

Graphite Accoya® Shou Sugi Ban swatch

Graphite Charred Accoya®

Charred Accoya cladding has a beautiful and distinctive finish, achieved in the Shou Sugi Ban® way on the most stable and durable timber available.

It is available in a wide variety of natural colours ranging from a soft pale grey, through to warm browns and pitch black.

Another cladding that is perfect for use as external cladding, but equally good for an interior space.

Clear Charred Cedar Shou Sugi Ban swatch

Clear Charred Cedar

The depth of colour in our Charred Cedar Cladding ranges from the intensely rich Dentō Yakisugi via a range of degrees of char right through to the lightest of Yama Yakisugi.

Similarly to the Charred English Oak, Charred Cedar is available in a very deep char that is full of texture, but also a very light char with a smooth and subtle finish.

We hope this post was helpful. If you have any further questions that we have not answered, please let us know in the comments below!