Extreme Medite Tricoya® is the star of the show with its latest venture “Kitai” Shou Sugi Ban®. This is a distinctive and disruptive form of wall cladding; that has been used for the interior design of new Leeds-based restaurant – Sticky Sisters.

Extreme Medite Tricoya

Producing a range of charred timber cladding products for a wide variety of specifications, Shou Sugi Ban® create beautiful wooden wall panelling and cladding with natural timber boards that show an enhanced grain. The charring process forms a carbon layer on the exterior of the boards.

Doing this not only gives an enriched finish to design projects but also protects the timber inside and can enhance the panel qualities making it more resistant to fire, rot and pests.

Peter Clifton, Product Manager for Extreme Medite Tricoya®, said. “Shou Sugi Ban®’s products give a really distinct look and feel to design projects. It’s been fantastic working so closely with them on the development of their Kitai wall cladding.

It’s particularly encouraging to see that Extreme Medite Tricoya® has provided such a fitting material that’s able to withstand the impact of the charring process and maintain its high-performance value. It just goes to show the true diversity of one of the most innovative wood panels on the market today.”

Extreme Medite Tricoya

In Addition, the panels that have been created for this project have allowed the designers to convey the exact millimetre detailing, needed for this project. Due to accurate machining and clever fixing system, this worked well with the Extreme Medite Tricoya® panels. An interior grade oil has been specifically manufactured for use with the panels offering low maintenance and longevity.

“With a refreshed interest in brutalist techniques in the architecture world. Furthermore, we’re seeing a steep increase in interest for our charred timber cladding ranges; Similarly we have also seen an increase in award winning houses featuring charred timber.” Says Karl Harrison, Director of Projects at Exterior Solutions Ltd, owners of the Shou Sugi Ban® UK.

Extreme Medite Tricoya

The charring process is not easy. As a result, applying the flame tightens the surface on one side of the panel more than the other. Therefore creates a curved board which can be difficult to work with. At Exterior Solutions Ltd we have created a method where this has been reduced.

Where is the project?

The new Sticky Sisters restaurant in Leeds’ Merrion Centre offers customers a casual dining experience and a menu suited to all tastes.

Architects          Brown Studio

Contractor          ICM Ltd

Material               Extreme Medite Tricoya® Custom Made, Kitai 期待