Home improvements are on many homeowners’ To-Do lists for the summer months. Whilst a lick of paint or new carpet are popular internal upgrades, isn’t it time to devote time to an exterior house makeover? Sprucing up the garden, building a home office to transforming the look of a property with timber cladding, can boost the kerb appeal and value of your property.

Popular Exterior Home Renovations

Living, working and relaxing in isolation has transformed our relationship with our homes. Around half the population have been working from home for over a year. We continue to occupy the same space day and night, for work rest and play. As a result of this experience, the delights and challenges of our property are thrown in the spotlight. We have had time to notice the areas of our homes that need a bit of attention.

For many people, the garden has been a place to relax, play and socialise. This has focused attention on ways to improve home exteriors and landscaping. Homeowners are ready to take things a little further than adding a couple of potted bay trees outside the front door!

Garden Rooms Providing More Space

For those with sufficient outdoor space, it has been highly desirable to add features that convert the garden into an extra room. Adding hardwood decking, covered seating areas and even outdoor kitchens have been the desired way to expand social spaces.

In addition, the construction of separate garden buildings is popular. These can often avoid building regulations and the finished project provides the ideal space for a home office, gym, studio or workshop. Estate agents have reported an increase in demand for garden rooms.


Property Renovation with External Timber Cladding or Render

Two exterior trends are being specified for contemporary home renovations; external timber cladding and smooth render. This article in Houzz illustrates how render and cladding have been used to dramatic effect in home makeovers and extensions.

Timber Cladding

Cladding is an outer skin of a building. It offers protection to the structural walls and offers an extra layer of insulation, which can contribute to lower heating bills. Whilst some properties are fully clad in exterior timbers, others use external cladding to make a feature of specific areas.

A wide range of timber and finishes are available. The natural weather resistance and insect repelling properties of cedar cladding make this a popular choice. Siberian larch is another resilient timber that is suitable for external cladding, as are Kebony and Accoya®, both engineered woods with exceptional stability and strength.

Finishing treatments enhance the natural warmth and grain of the wood, providing results that best suit the property. Finishing options include the traditional Japanese technique of Yakisugi; charred timber cladding.

Exterior Solutions Ltd is a specialist supplier of charred timber for external applications. Our Shou Sugi Ban® Cladding range is a market leader.

Smooth Render

Pebbledash put many builders and homeowners off render for decades, however, smooth white or light grey render is now back in favour. This wet exterior coating dries to provide an even, hardwearing finish.

Render offers a practical solution for property renovations. This is because it eliminates the need for colour-matching bricks or trying to harmonise old and new styles. When professionally applied, it creates a sleek, clean finish.

The majority of render is a sand and cement combination, which is painted. Other options include Monocouche, acrylic and traditional lime render. Further information on these and other renders are shared in this Homebuilding article.

Whether new developments, self builds or property renovations, timber cladding and render can be successfully combined, or used as a partner to traditional brickwork, stone or tiles.

How Much Does Charred Timber Cladding Cost?

A drive for home improvements, coupled with global supply chain issues have made it difficult to provide accurate pricing and lead times for charred timber cladding. Exterior Solutions Ltd provides quotes based on the project specification and current market data.

As a general rule, hardwoods like oak are a premium product. Taking longer to grow to maturity, they command a higher price, yet the quality is second to none. Many of our customers opt for Siberian larch, which is a lower-cost option. This is technically softwood timber, however, it doesn’t need regular treatment to withstand the UK weather or insect attack.

The Exterior Solutions Ltd team are skilled in the Yakisugi technique of controlled burning. This is a handcrafted process that produces a desirable crackled, rustic grained or smooth finish with improved resilience. Our timber cladding is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike painted wood, charring will not flake, fade or need repainting and this offers long-term cost-savings.

Is Timber Cladding Sustainable?

Mature trees can absorb 22 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere every year, whilst emitting oxygen. If timber cladding is sourced from responsibly managed forests, where harvested trees are replaced by saplings (which are allowed to fully grow), it is deemed sustainable.

Exterior Solutions Ltd has achieved FSC and PEFC certification for our range of Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding. We work with local timber mills, undertake the charring in our onsite workshop and use a local delivery company to minimise the carbon footprint. When you purchase exterior cladding from us, you can trust that you have invested in a sustainable construction material.

So, if your home exterior needs a makeover, charred timber cladding offers a low-maintenance, contemporary finish with environmental credentials and timeless appeal. To discuss the specifications for your construction project and to request samples, please contact Exterior solutions on 01494 711800.