Away from the humdrum of the average townscape are hidden gems of incredible design. Some are space age and never seem to fit in; whilst other architectural scapes demonstrate the complicated nature that we live our lives. This design must have been taken from all elements of the human vernacular if ever there was such a thing.Render of Shou Sugi Ban® from Crawford Partnership Architects

This project renders are from Crawford Partnership’s latest project. This is situated in Enfield, comprising 40 flats and a commercial unit. The design is bespoke and contemporary whilst responding to the conditions on site and mediating between the various different buildings in the area.

If the colours could be multicultural then they’re harsh material tones like skin and so many changes in direction – very much like life itself. I can almost hear the conversation between the different elements of this building. The rectilinear form of the biophilic Nordic stone that makes up the lower floor relax the language from the quirky and ever-changing Cor-Ten tiles. The terraces bring a balance and calmness with the soft landscaping, this being essential in contemporary buildings.

Render of Shou Sugi Ban® in Enfield by Crawford Partnership Architects

The Penthouses display creativity in the use of Byakko, a Japanese influenced timber cladding system. This cladding design is not complicated, it’s creative and it crowns the build like white clouds over the landscape. It has striking tonal qualities due to being charred, treated and stained white. A complex manufacturing process, all of which by hand in the UK. This cladding has been used to great effect for exterior and interior building projects.

White burnt Siberian Larch Close up of finish

The Architects said “Materially, the building has a solid ground floor of stone, with Cor-Ten steel cladding and then the setback top floor, which steps down on the side road towards more domestic-scale buildings. The white of the timber picks up the texture and tonal qualities of the adjacent white render of the houses whilst being a low-maintenance but highly efficient material.”

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