Made as a sustainable alternative to hardwoods from tropical regions, Kebony decking not only looks great but is also better for the planet.

What is Kebony?

In essence, Kebony is manufactured by taking sustainable wood and making it more durable, harder and more stable, by using liquids from bio-waste material.

The Kebony production process involves the impregnation of wood with furfuryl alcohol, a plant derived waste product produced from agricultural crop waste. This is done to increase the strength and durability of the sustainable wood.

This procedure creates a stunning dark decking that resembles teak and other tropical varieties of wood. If left untreated, Kebony decking acquires a silver grey patina over time, resulting in a stunning, unique-looking decking. Alternatively it can be protected with saturating wood oils, we recommend Owatrol oils.

Kebony_RadiataWhy you should opt for Kebony for your decking project

As well as the beautiful look of Kebony decking and charred Kebony decking, there are many other properties that make it stand out above other materials.

Long life span and weather resistance

One of the biggest benefits of using Kebony for your decking, is how durable and hard-wearing it is. This durability is achieved without the drawbacks that are associated with traditional impregnation methods.

Kebony has an exceptionally good decay resistance, making it the ideal material to use for external projects, such as decking. It conforms to durability class 1- 2, the most durable category of the European norm EN350.

Maintenance free

Kebony decking has a lifespan of at least 30 years, with little maintenance required. In fact, the lifetime of Kebony is equal to or longer than CCA pressure impregnated wood material.

This results in Kebony being regarded as much less labour-intensive to maintain than many other types of wood decking. It also means that you should spend less money looking after your Kebony decking than you would with most other wood decking.


It’s sustainable

An environmentally friendly option, sustainably managed wood is used in the production process of Kebony.

At Exterior Solutions, we ensure that all of our suppliers hold certificates guaranteeing the origin of their timber. All of our Kebony decking is either FSC or PEFC certified.

Choice of finishes to suit your taste

Kebony does not need to be treated in order to be protected. However, if you want to maintain its original dark brown finish or change the colour completely, it can be treated with a suitable wood oil, we recommend Owatrol oils.

An interior floor for the outside

Exterpark, only available through Exterior Decking in the UK, has created a unique Kebony decking with a stainless fixing system, which can be fitted without screwing through the surface of the board.

This creates an incredible inside-outside look that enhances the appearance of any outdoor space.

Want to know about how you could integrate Kebony into your next decking project? Get in touch today to find out more.