Confident designing and brave materials palette are brought together for this architectural landscaping scheme. Bradmore Square has been re-imaged by the talented Edible Bus Stop® Company.

ShouSugiBan charred accoya london

A walk through, a place to stop and chat or a contemporary landscape art installation? It matters not what we should call this space, it is multifunctional, exciting and from floor to ceiling oozes an eclectic character of many styles. Urban, rural, mural, Japan, art, biophilic… many attributes of a clever design have been brought together to offer a clever arrangement for many to enjoy in this stylish landscape.

The mirrors are a joy, antiqued for style and add a deeper dimension to the foliage. The Niwaki trees carefully clipped into an exquisite topiary coupled with the mirrors are a perfect balance to the twisted planters. In several different heights which work with the existing architecture of the site.

edible bus stop charred accoya shout Sugi ban planters

Accoya® is the timber material of champions, outlived by no other timber and has a lifespan of 60 to 80 years. It’s for this reason that ShouSugiBan® rate this material as one of their premium products. The huge sections of Accoya chosen for this project were 90mm x 68mm. Charred and sealed appropriately. Furthermore, the fixings were designed not to be seen from the exterior of the planter. They were then lined with fibreglass and drainage holes to suit. Each weighed in at just under 200 kilograms, professionally constructed and build to last…

The concept was designed by The Edible Bus Stop team and manufactured by Exterior Solutions Ltd. The complex arrangement of having the twisted levels equal on every climbing level but with a perfectly flat back to fit seamlessly under the antiqued mirror.

burnt accoya shou sugi ban planters

Credits and Further Information

Location Bradmore Square – Hammersmith and Broadway Station
Materials Charred Accoya and Medite Triccoya Extreme
Design Edible Bus Stop
Manufacturer Exterior Solutions Ltd.
Completed 2019