As the manufacturer and supplier of specialist charred timbers, we receive sample requests for a diverse range of projects. One of the surprising enquiries came not from an architect, builder or interior designer, but a poet.


Charred; a Collection of Poetry

Andreena Leeanne is a writer, inspiring speaker and mother. She has written a collection of prose, which is now published. This poetry speaks the truth about Andreena’s life experiences. In expressing her feelings through creative writing, she has been able to come to terms with some of the pains inflicted on her. She now motivates others to use words as a means of recording their stories.

Any author knows that the book cover has the power to attract interest and readers. Selecting impactful imagery, fonts and text that is consistent with the genre of the book can be quite a challenge.

On the back cover, Andreena invites readers to ‘Think of me as a piece of charred wood’. The reason is spelt out:

“Think of a piece of wood that has been exposed to the flames. You may think of it as damaged – and it is true that it has been burnt and blackened – but it is still resilient, and much stronger after going through this process.”

It is true. The charring process draws out natural properties from deep within the timber. Rather than destroy the wood, controlled charring makes the timber hardy and durable.

Using this analogy, Andreena decided to title her book ‘Charred’ and use an image of charred timber as a relevant and appealing background for her book cover. She contacted Exterior solutions to ask for some samples of our Shou Sugi Ban® range.

We were delighted to receive a copy of ‘Charred’ from Andreena when the book was published. The cover works brilliantly and her words are powerful. We wish her every success with promoting this poetry collection and with future editions.

You can read more about ‘Charred’ and order a copy on the publisher, Team Angelica’s, website and follow Andreena on Instagram @Survivor.Andreena.Leeanne

If you would like to request a sample of Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber to inspire your project, please contact Exterior Solutions on 01494 711800.